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Awhile ago I posted on my Facebook page the letters that I had done for my son’s nursery! It’s a simple and cheap DIY project anyone can do. • Pick out the wooden letters you want to use for your project. I used ones that you can already hang. #hobbylobby or #acmoore has the best deals. 
• Choose the paper you would like to use( I used scrapbook paper) (Similar)➡️
• Trace your letters and cut
• ModPodge the letters (one at a time) and immediately lay down the scrap paper letter onto the wood letter slowly! Paint on the modpodge over the paper. A few Air bubbles are normal! do not mess with them!They will go down on their own.
ModPodge ➡️
• Let dry and hang up on wall when complete! 👌🏼
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Saving money is hard, trust me I know, you are not alone! Every time we turn around my husband and I are struggling for some extra cash. 
Here are some tips I found that truly does help to save a few extra dollars, 
1. Start a piggy bank, its not childish! Throw in all your extra change and cash your coins once it is filled! I have one for myself and my son. I'm constantly throwing change in them!
*commissioned link:
2. Become your own boss! Find a company (like Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy) and become a direct sales representative for them! I am not saying to quit your day job, it may not pay all of your bills, but you may find you can make extra cash each month!! 
Not only have I started my own blog for fun, I am an Avon Representative and I was able to join at a time they had an amazing deal! It was ONLY a $10! YES A $10! sign up fee! If you would like extra information on how to become an Avon Representative please email me, otherwise you can sign up with m…

FALL is coming!

Pumpkin season is almost here and these sales are making me Fall In Love! Don't miss the sales at JoAnn's or HobbyLobby this week!

50% off all Fall Items at JoAnn's!
40% off all Fall Items at Hobby Lobby!

A Little About This Momma

HELLO! My name is Ashley, I am 27, married and have the cutest son. Even though I have only been married for two years and a mother for under a year, I can truly say nothing in this world beats being a mother or a wife.
People always have told me to wait to get married, wait to have children and travel the world. Obviously, I didn't listen! I have only been to a select few places around the world, yes I would love to visit more, but what's better to travel the world than with the one's you love?
I am not a stay-at-home mom (how much I wish I could be), I do work part-time because day-care is a mortgage payment now a days! I will definitely have post about day-care next time! 
Being this fortunate to work part-time, gives me that extra bonding time with my son that many momma's do not get to have. If you ever have the option to stay home with your child, I highly recommend it! Being home with your child is such a wonderful experience. 
My hobbies have changed since my s…