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Awhile ago I posted on my Facebook page the letters that I had done for my son’s nursery!
It’s a simple and cheap DIY project anyone can do.
• Pick out the wooden letters you want to use for your project. I used ones that you can already hang. #hobbylobby or #acmoore has the best deals. 
• Choose the paper you would like to use( I used scrapbook paper) (Similar)➡️
• Trace your letters and cut
• ModPodge the letters (one at a time) and immediately lay down the scrap paper letter onto the wood letter slowly! Paint on the modpodge over the paper. A few Air bubbles are normal! do not mess with them!They will go down on their own.
ModPodge ➡️
• Let dry and hang up on wall when complete! 👌🏼


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