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Saving money is hard, trust me I know, you are not alone! Every time we turn around my husband and I are struggling for some extra cash. 

Here are some tips I found that truly does help to save a few extra dollars, 

1. Start a piggy bank, its not childish! Throw in all your extra change and cash your coins once it is filled! I have one for myself and my son. I'm constantly throwing change in them!
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2. Become your own boss! Find a company (like Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy) and become a direct sales representative for them! I am not saying to quit your day job, it may not pay all of your bills, but you may find you can make extra cash each month!! 

Not only have I started my own blog for fun, I am an Avon Representative and I was able to join at a time they had an amazing deal! It was ONLY a $10! YES A $10! sign up fee! If you would like extra information on how to become an Avon Representative please email me, otherwise you can sign up with me HERE!

3. Chop up those credit cards if you find yourself using that credit card too much! I seriously need to chop up my husbands.. as the financial adviser in the family he really should start taking his own advise! 😆

4. Shopping is so much easier online, and sometime even dangerous! Join cash back sites like Ebates to get extra cash back when you are shopping online whether it is for yourself, your family or friends. Sometimes you can even use Ebates while you are shopping in-store. Just link your credit card to your account! 

5. DON'T forget to coupon! Not only do I use store coupons, I also use other apps like Checkout 51 and Ibotta

6. Join and play HQ Trivia. It is a FREE App you download on your phone and play. When you win you win cash! Personally I have never won and I'm terrible at Trivia. I do know people who have won so it is worth a shot! 

7. Do you love Coffee or eating out!? Yes, I know it is so much easier to drive thru at Dunkin Donuts or order delivery from your favorite Pizza joint in town, but each time you are buying food it adds up! Trying cutting back on the Coffee and Delivery and watch how much you save each week! Maybe, even download the coupon apps I suggested on tip #5 and make it a game to see how much money you can save on your trips to the grocery store! 

8. Start growing a garden! Freshly grown Fruits and Veggies are always better than store bought! This may even be a fun activity to get the kids on! 

9. My favorite, stick to water! As a waitress in college I used to LOVE when people bought alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Why you ask? It drives up the total bill and GOOD tippers normally tip 18%-20%. Yes, there are free refills on soda, but that soda is usually close to $3.00 per person. If you have a family of 4 all drinking soda that is an extra $12.00! not including Tax or Tip! So trust the waitress that wanted you to order soda and skip it. It is healthier for you and your kiddos anyway! 

10. Take advantage of your local library! I grew up in a household with a single momma. I still have no idea how she was able to keep clothes on my back and food in my belly. What I do remember was she used to always take me to the local library instead of buying movies or books. It's Free and sometimes the local libraries have activities for the kiddos! 


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